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Fourth full-length album by Swedish (Serbian before) Space Dark Ambient one man band.
This album is truly a marvel, making it different of other similar projects.

In the year of XL A.S. (2005 CE), Rastko Perišiæ, who goes under pseudonym Nocturnal, awakened musical project and he called it SHADOWDREAM, referring to the forgotten realms which are born under the darkest shadows. He started this project with great desire to emphasize dark side of Ambient Music Art, discretely composed with black metal tones. Since the very beginning of this Saga, Nocturnal was learning about spheres of Dr Laveys philosophy and feelings which this philosophy created, along with emotional state of melancholy, made the first step in the depths of Musicl Art... The Dark Saga began… On December XL A.S. (2005 CE), Nocturnal recorded first material called DEMO ’05, which is limited to 33 hand numbered copies. In January XLI A.S. (2006 CE), new material called SLAVA PERUNU was recorded and on March 7th XLI A.S. (2006 CE) album BRATSTVO SMRTI, which is limited to 66 hand numbered copies. Shadowdream participated on OCCULTUM PRODUCTIONS compilation ...CRÉPHUSCHLE with song from upcoming album, CARSTVO TIŠINE, which was released by this French record house on June 1st XLII A.S. (2007 CE), as a DVD boxed black CDr limited to 300 copies. Also, as a bonus, this album contains material from previous release, Bratstvo Smrti. At the end of year XLII A.S. (2007 CE), Split album HATEDOLLS AND LIES was recorded with French band DUNKELNACHT, and officially it got out on November 1st. Year XLIII A.S. (2008 CE) brought great relation between Shadowdream and ROCK EXPRESS RECORDS and this elite record house re-released album Carstvo Tišine...

Label:Nordsturm Productions – none
CD, Album
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style:Dark Ambient


1 Anticyclonic Storm of Jupiter - The Great Red Spot4:04
2 A Trip Through the Neptune Clouds8:44
3 Inside the Caves of Mars8:09
4 The Great Dark Spot2:12
5 Unknown Circles of Venus5:17
6 Uranus Winter Solstice4:36
7 Planetary Rings of Saturn4:59
8 Comets Flew Beyond Pluto's Horizon4:22



Shadowdream – Part of the Infinity

6,00 €Price
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