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MASCHINENZIMMER 412 (MZ. 412) - 'Malfeitor' CD

A history lesson, recorded in autumn 1989. Unavailable for over 20 years in any format, we proudly present "Malfeitor" - the now classic album from Maschinenzimmer 412. This was the last release under that name, and what seemed like the final nail in the coffin for the Swedish Black Industrial act. 6 years later they rose from the ashes, restructured and resurrected as MZ. 412.


This is evil incarnate, staring into the abyss. Relentless industrial rituals; darkness fused with machines, your fears and your power. An expression of the coldest music imaginable. With a more lyrical approach than the predecessor "Macht Durch Stimme", "Malfeitor" explores themes of death, with an unequivocal dystopian outlook. Cavernous heavy industrial, primitive machine rhythms, and cold metallic loops created on old synths with very little post-production. What you hear is how it sounded on those original sessions.


Originally released on LP in 1989 by Cold Meat Industry, this monumental album is now available for the first time since 2001. Also available on digital for the first time ever! This definitive edition has been painstakingly transferred and mastered from the original 4-track tapes, with no unnecessary 'padding'.


Listen to Nordvargr discuss "Malfeitor" with Noisextra in 2021.

In 1987 Henrik Nordvargr Björkk, Jouni Ulvtharm Ollila, and Leif Holm forged a band that would be an outlet for blasphemous prophecies, yet from a unique sonic spectrum. The unholy triumvirate were already hitting hard as Pouppée Fabrikk, with Maschinenzimmer 412 unleashing their deepest, darkest personas. Jonas Drakhon Aneheim joined in 1995, replacing Holm and thus enacting the change of name to the abridged MZ. 412.

MZ. 412 are an act that continues to cover the earth in a nightmarish black veil. Rare releases and even rarer performances have only added to the cult status of these prime movers. 

Digipak with elegant new artwork by Abby Helasdottir (Gydja).

Track listing:

1. Virus (6:39)
2. Malfeitor (5:45)
3. The Death Of Lasarus (5:06)
4. Cold Face (4:14)
5. Auguste Piccards Nightmare (4:58)
6. Introspektion (5:21)
7. Public Worship (4:08)
8. Ecaf Dloc II (6:44)

9. Still... (1:02)

MASCHINENZIMMER 412 (MZ. 412) - 'Malfeitor' CD

13,00 €Price
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