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Set of 3 CDs for 1 price.  


𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: Neofolk, German neofolk, Dark Folk

𝐋𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐥: Goeart, Grunwald

𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐲: Germany


JENZIG (2002)

16-page booklet with lyrics is glued to the inner panel.

Part 1 in Forseti's 'Naturlyrik' trilogy.


01. Gesang Der Jünglinge

02. Am Abend

03. Heilige Welt

04. Abschied

05. Wolfszeit

06. Erlkönig

07. Jenzig

08. Jenzig II



16-page booklet with lyrics is glued to the inner panel.

Part 2 in Forseti's 'Naturlyrik' trilogy.


01. Verzweiflung

02. Welkes Blatt

03. Sturmgeweiht

04. Letzter Traum

05. Wind

06. Windzeit

07. Herbstabend

08. Einsamkeit

09. Abendrot

10. Black Jena


ERDE (2004)

16-page booklet with lyrics is glued to the inner panel.

Part 3 in Forseti's 'Naturlyrik' trilogy.


01. Korn

02. Eismahd

03. Lichterflug

04. Empfindsamkeit

05. Erdennacht

06. Dunkelheit

07. Sterne

08. Der Graue König

09. Schmerzen

10. Müder Wanderer

11. Das Abendland


Forseti is only Andreas Ritter aided for live gigs and studio recordings by musicians and friends. The idea for Forseti was born in 1997, even though Andreas made music before.

Andreas said: “In 1997 I bought my first guitar and discovered my love of acoustic music. By then it was clear to me that Forseti would never use electronic instruments, neither in the studio nor on stage. A purely acoustic arrangement produces much more warmth and emotion.” Then added: “I have found that if you have the nerve to play guitar and sing in German, you may find that a self appointed freedom fighter will stand up and accuse you of being a facist. Forseti has nothing whatsoever to do with any particular political viewpoint. It is about an inner search, finding your inner fulfilment or at least making an attempt to. Closer to my real aim is that the music encourages people to develop a feel for nature or natural things, and encourages us to view ourselves as an integral part of the natural world.” [interview for L’Ame Electrique]

The band ceased all activities in May 2005, when Andreas suffered a stroke that caused the loss of ability to play guitar.

In 2006, several artists with whom Andreas collaborated in the past, realized a compilation entitled Various - Forseti Lebt (Forseti lives!), to support Andreas' recovery.



FORSETI - 3 CDs set, 'Naturlyrik' trilogy (Jenzig, Windzeit, Erde)

180,00 €Price
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