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"Omnis Anima Malus" is the blistering new album from Ecuadorian noise stalwart Armenia (aka Leo Sabatto MACRONYMPHA) recorded March-June 2020 at La Libertad, Guayaquil. 
Nine tracks of splintered harsh textures, like sheets of tectonic noise plates grating over a rumbling bass magma. 
Armenia has been embedded primarily in the Americanoise scene for many years and active on the international noise mail circuit since back in the '90s.


Label:Karo Productions – PEJ 001

CD, Album

Sortie:16 févr. 2021


1 Atahualpa Yupanki
2 Blunt Force Trauma
3 Monumento A La Estupidez - Venerandi Pietas Observantia
4 Festering Wound
5 Post Incision Traumatism - Deprived Of Eyelids
6 Paraiso Truncado - Ruidosa Serenata De Imperceptibles Loops
7 Spasmo
8 Pedazo De Mierda
9 New Slavery - Under De-Construction - Tissue Of Lies

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Armenia – Omnis Anima Malus

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