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The German ritual drone project Vortex is dedicated to the British art movement of Vorticism of the early Twentieth Century (1913-1920). Founded as an own vision of Futurism by Wyndham Lewis and expressed in the legendary magazine Blast (1914) Vorticism defined the artist as someone gaining creative power and inspiration out of the chaotic vortex of creative energy. The name was introduced by the Vorticist protagonist Ezra Pound who also coined the phrase 'phanopoeia': the idea of creating poetry for all senses. The music of Vortex pays audiovisual homage to the great Vorticist art. Psychedelic drones, ritual drums, processed sounds, glimpses of acoustic harmony, and original sound documents are blended to grant a holistic sensory experience. Vortex, the solo-project of a :Golgatha:-member, transcends the limits of dark ambient soundtracks on a quest for the unknown. Vortex is pure psychoactive energy.


The inside collage shows the original handwriting of Ezra Pound. The two photo inserts are 'Vortographies' by Alvin Langdom Coburn (1917).

1 Entering The Vortex5:58
2 Close To The Edge5:21
3 The Axis4:21
4 Field Of Force5:54
5 Roads3:32
6 Phanopoeia3:07
7 Imagism4:13
8 The Process4:12
9 Dark Memories3:40
10 Isolated In Time7:41


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