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The Protagonist may not be known for being the most productive band, but they should definitely be known and stated as a prime example of how Neoclassical music should sound. Seven years after their debut CD “A Rebours,” they still remain as a great influence to many new acts. In a most dramatic way, it forces your will to desire for more, not only more of music, but more of life. The bombastic male drums and snares are seduced by the romantic and feminine violins.
The Protagonist’s music is classic in design, strongly inspired by literature, film and the fine arts. Accompanied by The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden on this recording. The 4 tracks total 21 minutes of supreme Neoclassical music. Lighten up your absinthe, sink down into your sofa, lay back and let your self be devoured by the romantic atmosphere of a early 1900-century – France – Paris – dreamers – thinkers – creators. Lose yourself in a theatrical world of beauty, mystery, nightmares…. here is the soundtrack to your dearest desires. Packaged in a 4-panel digipak designed by Richard Grant. Limited to 1000 copies.


Label:Cold Meat Industry – cmi145

CD digipack , EP




1 Strife5:31
2 Sacrifice5:52
3 Der Wahnsinn5:24
4 La Fin De La Journée (Stripped)

Lyrics By [Poem] – Charles Baudelaire

Vocals – Marjorie Stievenart

Lyrics By [Poem] – Charles Baudelaire

Vocals – Marjorie Stievenart


The Protagonist – Interim

10,00 €Price
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