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Traditional, analogue, agressive, straight Power-Electronics !The artist said :I try to attach my own voice so closely to tape-inserts and voice-samples that my voice and the alien voices melt into one.During this process I can see, and experience how I transmute...How I become someone else...Expand out of myself, at least that is the feeling I get.But all through this I am in control. I am the creator. Something new evolves - I also evolve, that is my motivation for sublimination.


Style:Rhythmic Noise, Industrial, Experimental, Power Electronics


  Hate Me3:34
  Berlin I3:51
  Wanna Know3:38
  Cry Out Loud4:07
  Berlin II4:40
  Don't Wait4:33

Subliminal – Gracebudd

16,00 €Prix
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