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Industrial, Electro, Minimal

this record was made with love. 

geneviéve pasquier's debut cd 'soap bubble factory' introduced this outstanding artist to listeners who do not have access to a record player (having a vinyl collection isn't expected anymore). now, after countless customers' requests, both geneviéve and ant-zen are presenting g.p.'s finest vinyl tracks on compact disc (for the first time). 

what you will find is the complete 'virgin thoughts' lp, three 7" tracks, 'fairy tale' from the split-10" with bastards of love, g.p.'s 'in stahlgewittern II' compilation contribution - and the previously unreleased 'blitzkrieg baby' (part 1 and part 2). 

the style ranges from distorted noise-influenced industrial ('don't think i am...') to dark electro beats ('pulse'); also included is her take on a pop tune ('today the disco'). this retrospective shows geneviéve's artistic variety right from the beginning. the mastery of many electronic sound facets, combined with her exceptional voice - claiming, alluring, repelling, suspicious - was and will be g.p.'s trademark. all of this is perfectly displayed on this truly fine release. 


Order Of Thoughts4:13
Vie 15:04
I Love You5:21
Don't Think I Am...4:19
Today The Disco4:32
Boop Song5:12
Virgin Thoughts4:44
Pulse (Analogue-Mix)4:20
Good-Girl-Bad (Short Version)4:22
Fairy Tale4:03
Epileptic Dance Hit3:34
Blitzkrieg Baby. Part 13:45
Blitzkrieg Baby. Part 22:37

Geneviève Pasquier ‎– Virgin Pulses

12,00 €Price
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