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A compilation of rare tracks and remixes recorded from 2002 - 2008. 17 tracks with a total playing time about 57 min.

Cd digipack


Industrial, Neofolk, Ambient, martial



–Der BlutharschUntitled2:15
–Der BlutharschUntitled3:17
–Der BlutharschUntitled3:46
–Der BlutharschUntitled2:54
–Der BlutharschUntitled4:36
–Der BlutharschUntitled3:16
–Der BlutharschUntitled6:30
–Der BlutharschUntitled1:02
–Der BlutharschUntitled0:36
–Der BlutharschUntitled4:01
–Der BlutharschUntitled2:40
–Der BlutharschUntitled3:08
–Der BlutharschUntitled3:25
–Der BlutharschUntitled4:10
–:wumpscut:Schäbiger Lump (Der Blutharsch Remix)3:37
–:wumpscut:Adonai, My Lord (Der Blutharsch Remix)2:52
–Pacific 231 (2) vs. Der BlutharschHeuristic Occlusions (Armoured Assault / Vino Nobile Mix)5:41

Der Blutharsch ‎– Everything Is Alright!

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