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Dawn & Dusk Entwined – Septentrion

Dawn & Dusk Entwined is far from new in the scene, with albums release on labels such as Athanor and World Serpent, we are very proud to have signed this French act for this is truly an amazing album dedicated to the Nordic world, the imaginary, the feelings, not related to the runic current but to the French litterary notion of "Septentrion." Nature as a living entity, left from any human takeover, or only seen through the respectful eyes of some ancestral inhabitants conscious of their tiny place among the timeless natural cycles and power. It is a close to a heathen view of the world and confers to the old European beliefs. Music aims to reflect the vastness, coldness, mysteries, and even timelessness of this universe in a journey through the different feelings and aspects it can bring. Definitely for fans of early Raison d'être!

Label:Cold Meat Industry – CMI178, Cold Meat Industry – 178

CD, Album

Sortie:nov. 2007
Style:Dark Ambient, Experimental


1 A Song Of Ice And Fire10:26
2 Tundra8:12
3 Primordia3:30
4 Horn Of The Hunter10:07
5 Sailing By The North Star10:59

Dawn & Dusk Entwined – Septentrion

9,90 €Prix
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