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1992 saw the release of “A live coal under the ashes” which was inspired by the events leading up to the changes across Eastern and Central Europe during 1989.This release marked the change conceptually in which the group’s ideas became more specific and more focused on contemporary political issues. “A live coal…” was critically acclaimed not just for the music, but also for the artwork and packaging: - a CD placed in the middle of a 12inch clear vinyl record. After many years of unavailabity Tesco can finally present a rerelease with remastered tracks and a new yet unreleased track called: “Death follows the one eyed cow”. An album full of ambient atmospheres, drones, percussion, suitable dark narrations and some steady muted rhythms. These are intense, highly charged recordings with a powerful mystic and ritual feeling. A masterpiece of sound poetry. Contrastate were formed in 1987 and disbanded in 2000. Ever since the demise of Contrastate there has been a void in the experimental music scene that no other act has managed to fill. Their diverse creative output, manifested as sweeping electronics and sound manipulation together with theatrical spoken word, was nothing less than mind blowing in its complexity and originality. Comes in nice Digipak.



Experimental, Ambient




A Live Coal Under The Ashes (Part 1)9:32
Breaking The Strawmen7:07
A Live Coal Under The Ashes (Part 2)9:52
The Fingers Of My Foot10:05
An End Marked By Pessimism10:22
Perhaps It Comes Out Of The Black Sea11:33
Thirst For Knowledge10:18


Contrastate ‎– A Live Coal Under The Ashes

9,99 €Price
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