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Pass The Times the latest CD from CO Caspar forgoes the usual trappings associated with Albin Julius's Hau Ruck label. There's no symphonic, militaristic or even drunken pop here. CO Caspar's sound is more closely associated with electro-acoustic music. Pass The Times makes considerable use of whirring and crackling textures alongside electronic tones and varied abrasive pieces. It is probably the least satisfying release to emanate from the Hau Ruck stable but it does share Albin's faintly irritating predilection for providing no song titles. The experimental nature of Pass The Times means that only the more adventurous listeners should track this down. A genuine surprise from Hau Ruck and a neat disc-slotting digipack to boot.


Label:Hau Ruck! – HR!41

CD, Album



1 00:04:24:124:23
2 00:08:50:298:40
3 00:03:12:073:00
4 00:06:07:126:00
5 00:10:45:0610:36
6 00:13:41:0613:32
7 00:02:28:032:15
8 00:08:35:148:34
9 00:03:34:113:25
10 00:08:46:248:47
11 00:02:12:212:16

C.O. Caspar – Pass The Times

8,00 €Price
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