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Vinyl, LP

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies, in a folded cover + a A2 full color poster.


๐†๐ž๐ง๐ซ๐ž: Dark Ambient, Industrial

๐‹๐š๐›๐ž๐ฅ: Kaosthetik Konspiration

๐‚๐จ๐ฎ๐ง๐ญ๐ซ๐ฒ: France

๐˜๐ž๐š๐ซ: 2009


Dark ambient and industrial project composed of 4 members who come from different countries: Italy (Ordog), France (Cyr, credited as Sombre Cรฟr in Dark Sanctuary) and UK (The One and Radu).



A1. Ouverture - Conspiracy Of Rats

A2. Humanity Needs No Funeral

A3. Rituel Pathologique (Everything That Never Heals)

A4. Conjuration (Employed Towards Invocation Of Lust And Destruction)

A5. Life Is Nothing Else But A Parody


B1. Intermission - Transition To Chaos

B2. Brotherhood Of The 7th Day (Das Ist Der Todesking. Er Macht DaรŸ Die Menschen Nicht Mehr Leben Wollen...)

B3. Final Words Before Cosmic Silence

B4. No God Intervention

B5. Hatred To My Last Breath

B6. Epilogue - Not Exactly Reinventing The Wheel


Aere Aeternus โ€“ Humanity Needs No Funeral

14,00 โ‚ฌPrice
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