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"The Sacred Syllable" OM "(Monosyllable) which symbolizes the primordial Sound, the mantra par excellence, the eternal creative Word, that is to say the best sound ritual expression of the sacred.

Source of the beginning of time, "OM" contains all that has been, is, and will be.

He is the essence of the entire universe. "

HERITAGE SOUND DESIGN in collaboration with EUROPA DISTRIBUTION offers Mix and Mastering offers for a better quality of your works to be published whatever format you need: CD, Digital, Vinyl or cassette.

The quality of your works offered to the public are of fundamental importance nowadays and often in certain musical genres everything is constructed and produced in complete independence.

But at the end of the process of your chunks, it's worth putting your invaluable work back in good hands before you publish it.

Not only to get the maximum sound quality from your songs but above all to put your compositions in the hands of a professional who knows the genre and has been working on it for about 30 years with a historical archive of works published for artists such as:

- Kirlian Camera

- MB ( Maurizio Bianchi)

- The Grey Wolfes

- Wertham

- Foresta di Ferro

- Horologium

- Aima,

- Siegfried

- Carnera

- L'Amara

- Gray Clouds Monolith,

- Les Champs Magnétiques

- Teatro Satanico

- Ge-Stell ...

HERITAGE SOUND DESIGN works mainly with a mix of digital (main professional brands in the sector) and analog (Toft Audio Design, Symetrix, Aphex, Mind print, Ensoniq, Lexicon, Yamaha, Focal, ect. Ect.) Equipment. Specialized in mixing and mastering for vinyl printing.

·      Demo mix (max 8 pistes par morceau)                   €   80.- 
·      Song mix (max 32 pistes par morceau)                   € 120.-
·      Song mix (max 64 pistes par morceau)                   € 180.-


(* for each extra version for the same pieces add € 20.-)

(* for songs that go beyond 8 minutes add € 15.-)

(* mix for vinyl add € 20.- per track)

·      1 song          €  40.-
·      2 songs        €   70.-
·      3 songs        € 100.-
·      4 songs        € 180.-
·      5 songs        € 220.-
·      6 songs        € 250.-


(* for each additional heap add € 30.-)

(* STEM mastering add € 20.- per song)

(* Mastering for Vinyl add € 20.- per track)


For repair or conversion of old format write to me in detail all the peculiarities.



Any audio format is accepted, but pay attention to the quality and make sure the files have no digital distortions or clipping, avoid limiting or optimizing the separate tracks or the master before sending it.

To print the CD you need a text file with the titles, track order and ISDR codes.



Wave 44.1khz-48khz/16-24bit (it also depends on the original format to be recorded for printing)·      FLAC 48khz-24bit
·      MP3 44.1khz-48khz/320kbps
·      AAC iTunes



An editing session after listening to the sample is included at no additional cost.






30% of total while checking files. The rest before the deposit of the finished work.


Payment through PayPal which will be communicated in private mode.


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